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Installation of Process Monitoring Systems

Installation of Multiple Unit SCR Process Monitoring SystemsMechanical Systems, Inc. recently installed upgraded process monitoring systems for a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) unit located at a coal-fired power plant operated by an electric utility in Wisconsin. We were able to install multiple unit monitoring systems in a single shelter. Utilizing M&C dilution probes and Thermo Scientific analyzer at the inlets and outlets of the SCR unit, the system provided fast, reliable, real-time measurements.

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Installation highlights of the Process Monitoring System

Capabilities Applied/Processes Multiple Inlet/Outlet Monitoring per SCR Unit
Multiple SCR Unit Monitoring In One Shelter
Intended Application Coal-Fired Power Plant
Systems Replaced None
Equipment Used Thermo Scientific Analyzers
M&C Dilution Probes
Special Features Multiple units in one shelter
One central location for easy maintenance/service
Industry For Use Electric Utility
Location Wisconsin
Project name SCR Monitoring

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